I'm Łukasz Wójcik and this is my photography site.

I live in Warsaw, Poland.

I've been an amateur photographer since 2014. The art of photography heavily shaped the way I perceive the world.

My primary interest is documentary and history. I don't care much about pleasing the eye. For me it's more about preserving memory. It takes less than a second to release the shutter and capture the scene. But it can take years to understand and appreciate the impact of what was captured.

I don't do as much photography as I used to years ago, but I still keep this website active. I never stopped looking at the world through a rectangular frame. I try to follow lessons of Ansel Adams by pre-visualizing a lot, even when I have no camera with me.

For most of the time I shoot Nikon DX DSLRs.

For contact information or any other info about me check out my homepage.

Why '12photos'?

I like to believe twelve photographs is enough to tell any story you wish to tell. Twelve is a nice even number. Not less, not more.

With a film camera you shoot 12 good photos and you still have 24 more to try and fail. That means you can take two bad photos before you take the one you want to keep.

With a digital camera or a smartphone you can shoot as many pics as your storage space permits. But will you still be able to tell an engaging story with, say, a hundred photos?

My albums often exceed that number. But I still keep it mind whenever I go out with my camera. It's not a constraint. It's a tool that helps me focus on what exactly I want to tell.